UPDATE: I just got hired full-time at Stitch Fix as a digital tech, and am no longer available for weekday assisting or teching. If you need an assistant, I wholeheartedly recommend Mike Byrne (East Bay and SF) – (415) 797-9915 and Dominic Egan (North Bay) – 707-318-6531.

Morgan Bellinger, 30, Oakland resident, Petaluma native, itinerant bicycle camper, tea drinker, instant film enthusiast, and more.

I’ve assisted Dan Winters, Duane Michals, Kimberley Hasselbrink, Ted Thomas, Wells Campbell, Steve Babuljak, Brad Hines, Paige Green, Damien Maloney, Amy Harrity, David Martinez, Annie Tritt, Ralph Gibson, Fernando Aguila, Joyce Oudkerk Pool and many other talented photographers. References available.

I drive a Volkswagen, ride a Brompton, use Canons, Mamiyas, Polaroids, and Broncolor for my own projects, and have assisted with Nikons, Profotos, Hensels, Elinchroms, Normans, Paul C. Buffs, Dynalites, Speedotrons, and Sylvanias.

I fix things more often than I break them.

Photo courtesy of the excellent Olivia Smartt